In the night, I hear them talk..

Okay, so I made 4 more Bones headers because April cannot come fast enough.
I decided to try different style because I found some amazing textures HERE.
Thanks and credit to the texture-makers.

Well, header size is like my header above (maybe slightly smaller).
Click on each image to get the real size (the quality of preview image is a little bit degraded)


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CK and Wonder Woman

I’m infected by the sound ...

I decided to do some headers..15 of them if I counted correctly.
Some are new, some are just cutout and resize from wallpapers I made..
Right click on image > View Image for bigger size. (original size will be the same as my header above).
So, until the next episode of BONES...Hope these can keep you entertained..
while we decide who should be the next American Idol..or not.

If you like them, then it makes me happy, =)
If not, let's just be happy that we gotta live in a peaceful part of the world..
and watch BONES whenever we want.

Eh..before I forgot, effect and image coloring are taken from HERE


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CK and Wonder Woman

I like to make myself believe...

Sandra Bullock Awesome Picspam =)
..because she just had a super-awesome 2009...and probably 2010 too.

" You think I’m gorgeous…
You want to kiss me…
You want to hug me…
You want to love me…
You want to smooch me…
You want to hug me.

" I'm So Not Winning an Oscar! "

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CK and Wonder Woman

So..Help Me Decide..Help Me to Make up my mind..

Celebrating the Clois in Season 9, I present to you a wallpaper from the episode 'Rabid',
exclusively encrypted with lyrics from OneRepublic song, 'Come Home'

Come in the biggest resolution ever...1280 x 1024.
If you need different size, you're welcomed to resize it yourself or
just leave a comment, and I can do it for you, but since I'm not The Blur, can't guarantee how fast you can get it  =)