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CK and Wonder Woman

It doesn't matter where you take this road

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Ps: Hi, everyone..Thank you for leaving me all the nice comments in my previous posts and here (if you plan to later). I wish I could reply to all of you individually but then that would be repetitive and kind of 'spammy' since I can't think of any other words to say thank you other than 'thank you'. JSYK, I love reading your comments and it's cool when you find something you like here. Drop by again any time =)

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CK and Wonder Woman

Guess this means you're sorry....

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+ Bones + Gossip Girl + Gilmore Girls + NCIS + Friends

Quiet a while since I got any quote icons posted here.
So, I thought I'll try to find something sarcastic and funny from my fav tv shows
Unfortunately only got the time to find these 30 quotes....
So, if you have any good quotes...let me know..and we can add to these 30 icons...

BTW, you can find the stripe textures HERE...


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